About Me

My name is Michael Scanlon, I started driving Lyft in December 2020 after the conference series I launched in 2019 was covided.

Me and our cat Holly

I love driving Lyft! It’s a good fit for me because I’m a good driver and I like driving, I like to set my own hours, I like talking to people. All in all, I prefer working 3 days a week of my own choosing. 🙂

This blog is designed to help others succeed in driving Lyft. Sign up to drive Lyft using my code and I’ll email you my Tips For Rideshare Driving! (https://www.lyft.com/driver enter SCANLON71934)

As a father of four with one in college and three more working to get there, I need to make serious money.

This is our dog Oshie, she sleeps on me too, but she weighs a lot more! And yes, she’s named after the fast skating, hard charging, big goal scoring winger on my favorite team, the Washington Capitals.

As I learned the ropes, I started making more and more money per hour. Within a few short months, I was making over $3,000 a month working just 3 days a week. By the fourth month, I was making over $1,000 a week, still working only 3 days.

This has allowed me to spend more time with my teenagers and more time on community service engaging the three boards where I serve as a Director – the Commerce City Rotary Club, the Adams 14 Education Foundation, and the South Adams County Water & Sanitation District.

I currently enjoy the freedom of lazy days more often than not, and the flexibility of schedule has me more present with my family.

Lyft has liberated me, both body and soul, from a rat race I felt obliged to constantly run in. I am as happy and content with life as I’ve ever been.

Who knows what the future holds? Maybe I’ll go back to a real job and work this a few days a month. Maybe I’ll buy a Tesla and start driving Lyft Lux! Either way, its nice to have steady money again!

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