Rider Share Driver Shortage Highlighted in Today’s Washington Post

The current shortage of ride share drivers was in the spotlight in today’s Washington Post under the headline “Where Have All The Uber Drivers Gone?”


[While some, including the WaPo apparently, have taken to the word “Uber” to mean the entire ride share industry the way they might say “Xerox” when requesting a copy, I prefer the broader term “ride sharing” than simply referring to either of the top companies as the entire industry.]

In the article, the Post cites statistics pointing to a return to 2019 levels of riders, while drivers continue to be in short supply. They note the supply and demand nature of ride sharing has led to increased payouts for ride share drivers.

Its worth noting one expert says he doesn’t expect the rising pay trend to continue. But I do for one fundamental reason: Even if more drivers come on board, and with pay where it is, that would be expected, even if (still an if) more drivers come on board, the US is only at rougly 2/3rds the ride sharing requests of 2019 levels. In other words, one would expect ride share requests to continue to rise as the Great ReOpening continues to sprout!

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