You Don’t Need A Nice Car To Drive Lyft – They’ll Get You A Car!

In prior years, to be a ride share driver, you needed a car of a certain quality.

If you think about it from the customer’s stand point – and the higher % of time a business spends focused on its customers, the better that business is – you want to know the car you are stepping into is safe and reliable. And we’d all prefer the vehicle look good, with no body damage or duct tape attached bumpers!

Lyft heard from those who wanted to drive but didn’t already own a nice vehicle. They recognized:

“Hey, these are people who want to work hard but they need money – that’s why they’re here – and they don’t already have a nice car. Let’s help them get there.”

With that, they launched this program:

Check it out today! And don’t forget to tell them I sent you, code SCANLON71934

Use my code, and I’ll pay you and/or your favorite charity $50!

Let’s review:

Lack of a nice car is no longer a stumbling block to driving for Lyft.

You’ll get a guaranteed minimum of $2100 once you complete 120 rides in 30 days. (120 rides will almost certainly pay more.)

And if you take the time to cut and paste SCANLON71934 when you sign up to drive Lyft and I’ll send my Tips and Tricks for maximizing your income ride share driving.

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